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Just like the title said I’ve moved to … When you arrive there it will look like the same old blog, but this is only temporary. There will still be a teaching blog available such as this one but much more content will be coming to the blog. Besides the blog we will be adding a video section for teaching videos I am working on that will cover topics such as How to paint the portrait, looking into mixing flesh tones, How to capture a likeness and such like.

I was going to wait to have it all done but to assist me in only keeping track of one site I went ahead moved …. so come see, stick around and watch it unfold.


Model Promotion

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Attention Models it is that time again where I am in need for more Models in order to continue my creation process.

I look for models in various sites and ads. If you have a portfolio then this is great however I have seen in many portfolios large smiles from ear to ear and that is not what I will be shooting. IN the pic I am adding you will see a sample of what I might ask for in a shoot. Please note my models will rarely be asked to smile so big … why is this important for consideration? I need to see your facial structure relaxed so I can really see you – allowing me get a feel for how or if you will work in the project I am working on.

Modeling session runs about 4 hours and if all goes well you will find I will want you back on future sessions. You may text me images of head shots — straight on and also with some angle such as slightly turned. BUT NOTE they must be current ( I mean as you are right now) you can point me to a port too but often times ports are pics from a year ago or longer or span many years. Not interested – I need to know what I am getting right now its important to my art and current pics will develop a great working professional relationship.

With your head shots a full body shot is much appreciated so I might determine if your body type fits the character I wish to capture.

I am not looking for Nudes nor will you be asked.

Mark Branscum Artist 918-240-1778 Text Only …. if you can not text them then email them to

Note: Pay is currently $25/Hour – with a min of a 4 hour session

However I have been asked by some models if I might consider doing a shoot providing images for their portfolio.

Yes!!! I would be willing to do a session for your portfolio in exchange for a model session for my project or if your not interested in that I’ll just pay you as posted.


Whats on my Easel

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A new piece I am working on and I thought I might share a glimpse …. now I have been taking pictures of the entire process and I will try and update with a gallery showing all the steps taken to make this happen.

You can get a glimpse of that process in my video on my channel here

Title is forth coming because I’m not yet settled on it.  I love this process ” Form Painting” because it allows for lots of detail and im all about the detail. There is more to come and I do apologize for  it being so long since I have posted.

I have had request to talk more about color mixing of flesh to turn the form. So, I may put together something on my channel soon so stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy this    …. Mark Branscum


Peaceful Serenity – Study Alla Prima

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Alla Prima – All at once – wet into wet method. I love the experience of looking at a scary blank page, reaching for a brush, then dipping into my first color, then at that moment you must make a decision – where will that color go!!!

Establish the dark’s then work to light – correction after correction along the way – then refining again and again. What if its not looking right – I mean just a while ago your eyes convinced you it was ok … but its not … well, then you dip into paint once again and paint out areas that need repair and do what the eye now insist you must  🙂

Kind of scary huh? But really its one of the greatest feelings when you take something that at first looks almost alien then as you continue begins to have human form then likeness and beautiful brush strokes.

Alla Prima, often times begins with an established drawing, so your drawing is already in place and this does help a lot. But, to begin not with line but mass and mold that mass into a completed painting is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced while painting. One I would love to master…. and will spend my remaining life working toward I am sure and may never be its master. But, along the way, I hope to make it my close friend.

Here is a study of a beautiful model and friend “Samantha”.  When I had her in my studio she was amazing and filled the studio with joy and laughter. I showed this study to Samantha and her response was what inspired the title. She said “It gives me a strong sense of peace and serenity” – I knew right then what the title would be. So without further ado here is Samantha in “Peaceful Serenity” – Study

My Son – Charcoal Portrait

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Here is a nice break from everything I am working on and juggling in my life at the moment to get done. I decided to take a break from that and just draw.

So, I pulled my son into my studio and took amazing pictures as he was helping me get prepared for coming model shoots. Then afterwards I was so pleased with my images I decided I should just draw – and draw I did 🙂

I am sorry I didn’t get the very beginning stages – I didnt think about pictures until I was already started – But, I did show how that I started with shapes – larger shapes, then smaller and so on until I got to a stage where I stopped and went back to the eyes and started to refine and define smaller detail shapes – I still have a bit I am doing on it as a last little bit so keep watching as I will add those steps to this gallery.

Enjoy – more to come as I am working on compositions for coming pieces


New works on their way and new Model shoot

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I haven’t forgot you all 🙂

Just been busy little bee planning and working on compositions and I am excited about what is coming. I love it when the creative juices are firing and things come together. recently I envisioned a piece … it just popped in my mind then leaped out on to canvas in a sketch. The sketch itself does not look like much to the beholder but to me I see a completed work. Problem, could I find a model to fill it – to bring to life what came so clear to my mind.

Yes!!! 🙂

I have several pieces just like this I am working to put a model to but today was a great day for me because I found a model for one of those pieces. We are scheduled to shoot soon and I am excited because of the potential that will come of it.

I did a drawing – just a quick portrait sketch but it was fun to do – I placing here by permission of the model. I’m happy to introduce you to “Samantha”

This is the title of the piece – I hope you enjoy it and keep your eyes open some great work will come of this shoot I just know it 🙂

Thank you Samantha

Update – The Blue Chair – Blocking in the pants and nearing done

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An update nearing completion … this one has taken me longer than expected due to scheduling conflicts … hey what can I say its the Holidays 🙂

Here it is!!! Ill let this dry … well get tacky to the feel then paint in details

Update 2 – The Blue Chair –

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Just a bit more work … detailing the chair with first layer of color. Establishing lights and shadows!

More detail to the face – I will be adding more detail there as it gets toward the end.

I like the way its coming – hopefully tomorrow I will get close to completion or may be even done … yeah done is good 🙂

Update – The Blue Chair

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Here’s an update .. starting to block in color …. first layer

The Blue Chair

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Well it begins!!! I have begun painting again lol 🙂 I have been doing model shoots, interviewing for future shoots and I am still getting models responding to my ad. Thats ok – I am always on the look out for the right person for the various projects I am working on. But at the moment let me turn to one of the models I just did a shoot with. She was and is an amazing model. She went right into any pose I needed and in those times where we we were trying to find a pose she was very creative. So, “The Blue Chair” – why the blue chair for a title? Well, it was simple, I could state the obvious and give a title that told you the viewer what was happening but I really wanted to just let the viewer decide whats happening in the scene – to experience all their own. So with that being said lets get to it!!!